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Thursday, 27 November 2014

£10 off £50 Aldi voucher 27th November 2014

Just a quick reminder to get your voucher if you are an Aldi shopper. I think there is one in the Daily Record for those of you in Scotland.

 We stock up on dog food when there's a money off voucher so I will be off to buy my Daily Mirror in a moment. I've noticed it's changed from the standard £5 off £40 but that is better for us. I'm not paid by Aldi but I do like the quality and price of what they sell and in my opinion they deserve to be taking a share from Tesco. 

I have heard there is a voucher in the Sun for £5 off £10 of fruit at Morrisons but I'm not keen on their fruit as it goes off quickly or I've just been unlucky a few times.

Shopping today and Yoga tonight.

Living the dream my lovelies 

PiC x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Track how far you walk for free! A great way to exercise for all abilities.

I'll start off by telling you about my pathetic 1/2 lb loss at Slimming world this week. I could have cried but I was encouraged by everyone saying " Oh that's what I did in my first week" so we'll see, I'm not giving up at the first hurdle.

Exercise wise I'm still walking the dogs as much as I can manage and I've been tinkering around on the internet trying to track how far I've walked as my pedometer has broken.

I found out that each loop I walk the dogs is 1.5 miles and I take them out in two shifts a day as I can't walk the Collie and Shepherd together as Strudel gives Molly no peace. I was quite surprised that I could walk to my Daughters for pretty much the same distance as I walk the dogs and one of my friends is twice as far as I walk them. I had a good old play and of course it was free. We all like free don't we?

So if you fancy plotting how much you walk/run/jog in a day pop over to Mapometer. I haven't been paid in anyway for this I just Googled and found it this morning. Now if only that rain would stop!!!

So my lovelies where are you going to walk to next? and I don't mean to the kettle ;)

PiC x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Joining Slimming world for free!

Look at this beautiful rainbow that appeared earlier in the week, by the time I went back home and changed dogs there was a double rainbow but I'd left my phone at home so I couldn't take a picture, damn and double damn lol.

I haven't posted lately as I haven't had much to say really. I joined Slimming World last Monday as I really am struggling to get any weight off at all.....not even an ounce!!!  I hate parting with money, as you know, so I thought joining a club and having to pay a weekly fee may spur me on to lose weight because the quicker it goes the faster I save myself £4.95 a week, well that's the method in my madness anyway.

I did save the joining fee by buying Best magazine which had a voucher inside for joining for free so I only had the weekly fee to pay. 

I decided to go to a club a mile or two away as a friend of mine who I went to school with  co hosts (lol) and they're quite a friendly bunch, it's also near my Daughter so I hope she will be joining me after Christmas. I will find out if I've lost anything this Monday, fingers crossed.

I've also been stepping up on the exercise front as I've attended more Pilates and Yoga classes and I'm walking the dogs more depending on how I'm feeling each day.

Thursday night I  attended a Yoga back workshop which was dedicated to doing correct postures to keep your back strong and supple. This was very informative and full of back sufferers like myself.

Funnily enough I've bumped into a few people suffering with nerve damage lately and they have all come to the same conclusion, fight to keep the weight off, walk as much as possible and try to drink more water.

So this post is not about saving money at all but about investing in my health and future but I am trying to do this as cheaply as possible.

Here is run down of what I'm paying.

Slimming World = £4.95 a week
The faster the weight comes off the quicker I get to attend for free.

The Gym = £150 for the year
This was an offer in the summer and works out at £2.88 a week or as I do 8 classes a week 36p per class.

Walking the dogs.
Free and I get plenty of fresh air.

I know most people start all this after the C word but everyone joins clubs and takes out memberships then, if your likely to want to get fit and lose weight it may be a good idea to see what offers are on now when no one wants to join, it could save you a fortune.

So my lovelies, I'm sat here thinking about Fry's chocolate creme as it's my fav, what is your favourite choccy bar or are you a savoury muncher?

PiC x

Saturday, 15 November 2014

After a hard morning Jumbling just put your feet up and read some funnies

It's that time of the month again, yes it was Cat Cares Jumble.  I love helping out I really do but boy does my back hurt after, so much so I'm sat with my feet up looking at funnies on the laptop. Here are my favourites so far

Anything to do with cats is sure to make me chuckle.

And for all you budding cooks out there, do you use this seasoning?

Have a great weekend

PiC x

Pictures courtesy of Google