Saturday, 30 August 2014

10p Roast tomato soup, the new food mill and the winning cat name.

Look what DH bought me as surprise pressie..........a brand new food mill. Would you believe after hunting round it was cheaper to buy a new on than a second hand one on Ebay?

He even read the reviews before purchasing and they said this was a good one to have as it fits a standard Pyrex jug perfectly, which it does.

So off we trundled to the lottie to fetch some tomatos which I roasted with some olive oil, homegrown onion, homegrown garlic and a pepper that had seen better days that was in the fridge.

I slushed it up with a blender for quickness then I chucked it in the foodmill to get those tomato skins out.

Easy to use and very easy to clean with a quick release handle

So here's tonight's tea ready and waiting.

Total cost 10p for the drizzel of oil..........bargain

Cat news

Drum roll please.........................the chosen name as chosen by Isabelle and approved by Dawn is Twiggy. I loved the name and as she has a flobby belly (the cat that is) I thought it would be quite a funny name to have. So Twiggy it is and hopefully someone will want to home her soon.

PiC x 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our new foster cat needs a name and our pen set up

Thanks ever so much for all the lovely comments yesterday. Bates is a lovely boy and I hope he'll be extremely happy. Some people have asked if it's hard to let them go, well the answer is yes and no. Yes because they are part of the family and we see them all day every day and no because although the pens are a safe and warm environment for many badly treated cats when they come in but they're not really a long term solution IMO. 

I have four kids, four dogs, three cats, five chooks and ONE HUSBAND and all of them need attention (especially the last one lol) The pen cats do get lots of cuddles don't get me wrong but  not as many as having a family of their very own would give them. Bates was a little fuss pot so hopefully he will be fussed to within an inch of his life and that makes me really happy.

As the charity is bursting at the seams it wasn't long before we went to fetch our new lodger

Any ideas of a name for this little girl? 

She's 9 years old and her family moved and left her behind. The neighbours have been feeding her for months but they have cats of their own and as they won't let her in the house they were worried what would happen to her when it gets to winter.

She's been wormed and flea treated, boy did she have fleas! then settled for the night with a nice full belly.

As you can see she has found a perfect spying position lol

For those of you who haven't seen our pen set up I've put a link below.

So come on my lovelies what name would you give this sweetie?

PiC x

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bates the foster cat has a new home!!!

Today Bates has gone to his very own home. The day Bates came into our care was the day I did my first blog and he was my first ever picture on here. 

A lovely couple came to meet him to day and the Lady "C" fell in love with him straight away, that's how it should be shouldn't it. I liked the couple straight away and I knew this little poppet would be going to a good home.

I think he has put a little weight on since he came in.

This is how I will remember you Bates, always sitting in the sun watching the chooks. I must admit I have shed a tear to see him go but I'm off to pick a stray up at 3pm so I must get the pen cleaned out before I go.

Congratulations Bates and all our love goes with you and thanks to the lovely family who found you  x

PiC x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Plum jam and neighbour wars

Well my lovelies this morning was so miserable I thought I'd warm the kitchen up by making some jam. I'd picked my plums the other day and de stoned them last night. 

This is the first time using my £3 jam pan..........I was so excited........sad I know!

I must say it was so much easier having a spout to pour it in rather than using a ladle, how have I managed so long without one.

This was what we managed to get from the plums, the rest of the plums that need picking will be frozen for smoothies.

As usual a small jar will go to my next door as a small thank you for us continually storing stuff in her garage even though I keep meaning to get it out. One jar will go to Collin the estate handy man as he keeps asking for another jar of my Raspberry jam but hubby wants to keep the remaining jars we have as it's his favourite. 

There's always a little bit left over isn't there, I may make some bread and the kids can have fresh bread and jam after their tea but we do have someone coming to look at one of the foster cats so I will see if I get time.

Thrifty shift fatty news

I've not weighed myself this week at all. I've been really, really good so I don't want to get down hearted. I've now been off the coffee for nine days and finally the headaches and leg pains are getting better so hopefully I'm at the end of my withdrawal. I really don't want to go through that again thank you very much.

So as promise John (hope your OK) I'm off cheese this week, infact I'm off dairy all together as it really doesn't agree with me at all, I will see how I survive the cheese cravings.

As a veggie I have been really careful with my protein intake and I'm still eating eggs but hopefully I will feel a little healthier soon.

I've not had any painkillers for three days!!!

Neighbour wars

As you know I live at the end of a shared drive way and next door and her next door neighbour had an argument over the access to the drive way as they keep blocking the drive so she can't get to work. 

There has been many arguments over this drive since the neighbour at the front moved in as she does not understand popping back in to the house for 10 minutes and blocking the drive does drive people nuts.

The neighbour has told next door (lovely neighbour) that if she can't get out she should learn to drive, well I know it's naughty to laugh but as I was sat in my car waiting to get off the drive I watched her reverse then drive forward straight into the bush you see on the left and even when she hit it she carried on driving.

The house on the left of the picture has nearly been reversed into numerous times and SHE is saying who can and can't drive.

Hubby and I felt sorry for the lady when she first moved in and hubby helped her out on numerous occasions but because we are friends with next door we have taken the brunt of many arguments. 

Anyway are you ready??????????

This is the damage she has done to her car because SHE can't drive properly.

I hate having disputes with anyone but we do not speak to her anymore due to the months of arguments she has caused. I'm not saying this brought a smile to my face as Karma is a bitch but I was very close ;)

PiC x