Monday, 22 September 2014

My Top cashback total is £689.89 !!

A few years ago I set up a Topcashback account. I didn't really understand it at first but after I looked into it and found it was just cashback on things I was going to buy anyway I thought I would be a fool not to join.

I always use the TCB site when looking for insurance but I also use them to click through to comparison sites as you can usually rack up a £1 or so for each comparison used for each insurance. In our case Two cars, house and contents, Daughters and neighbours insurance etc 

We have saved up tesco club card points for Christmas gifts for the kids, linked through, used the club card points to buy from Tesco online and earned Cashback for linking through.

In the past we have been paid £5 for joining lovefilm on a free trial which we cancelled straight away and so made £5 for a few minutes signing up. The same went for doing a credit check through Experian. 

Some people make quite a few quid on here without really purchasing anything they just get paid a few pence to click through to different sites but done daily it can add up. I haven't got the patience for that though.

I joined TCB 7 years ago so it's almost £100 a year for doing no more than linking through for things we have to buy anyway or looking for deals that give you CB for nothing.

I also have a Quidco account but I seem to find more on TCB for some reason.

Do you have a TCB account? if so what was your best deal? 

I thought I'd show you a picture of Lego out of his bed as it doesn't happen very often, he likes his sleep you know.

This morning was spent at the Drs for blood tests..........sob sob, I wish they wouldn't put the tape on as I now have a sore arm and I know I have to pull the tape off and it's going to hurt!!

I'm such a wuss aren't I?

Well my lovelies I must go and dig up some spuds for tea even with my proper poorly arm, I hope your making the most of the sunshine.

PiC x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stopping condensation in the loft, the new windows finally go in !!!

What a noisey Sunday we're having. 

I may have mentioned before that since we have had the cavity wall and solar panels done we have been constantly battling with condensation in the loft. Last year was so bad that the water was running down the rafters!! 

We tried removing everything from the loft to help the air circulate through the vents, we added more vents and still we had the same problem. We bought a dehumidifier which ran for weeks before it cleared all the moisture in the air upstairs.

For those of you thinking it's because we dry washing in the house, we don't see Getting the washing done as cheaply as possible.

It looks like the lovely builder is going to chop DH's head off doesn't it.

The builder is a lovely chap, a friend of a friend and actually turned up when he said he was. 

We have saved up the feed in tariff from the solar panels and decided to buy these Velux windows so we can control the air circulating in the loft. DH spent hours comparing prices and eventually managed to find them online for a fraction of what they cost at our local DIY store.

Hopefully this will end the problem. I will let you know

What have I been doing while DH was working his butt off? I went to the allotment for the first time since my back went. It was certainly an eye opener as to how wild a place can go in such a short space of time.

I was really pleased with my red onions though as I grew these from first ever go and there're some whoppers in the bag.

These will look fine when tidied up.

Some apples for pack up and 

some to put with a few blackberries that were there.

Some toms for us and a large bag of them for the chooks as they love them.

Anyway my lovelies I must go and put the kettle on for the workers so enjoy your Sunday

PiC x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

What to expect at a Tesco job interview, jumble finds and Ebay free listing weekend

DS had his first ever job interview yesterday at Tesco. I arranged to go for a coffee with DD while we waited for DS to have his interview thinking he would be somewhere around the half an hour/ forty five minute mark, oh how wrong were we?

Two and a half hours later!! lol, poor mite. Two and a half hours and his first interview, if that doesn't put you off working nothing will. He had a one to one interview, time shadowing on the shop floor, team building exercises and a group interview. 

The lady he had to shadow on the shop floor was lovely by all accounts and DS told her I would love her as she was in charge of yellow labels.........OK he may have a point there lol

All this and it's not even for a permanent position but he did enjoy himself and hopefully he will get the job.

Fingers crossed for him please my lovelies.

Jumble finds

I had two jumbles today and here's what I bought

Some wooden railway and blocks £2

Some retro mugs for 50p......I remember my Mum having these in a red/burgundy colour. These will both be going on Ebay as the person I had in mind for them didn't want them and as it's a free listing weekend it would be rude not to wouldn't it? 

I also bought some casserole dishes, 

Apart from that I've sat on my butt and watch a film with Auntie C so a pretty lazy day.

PiC x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Leftover Kale and Quinoa stirfry healthy and cheap

I don't do many posts about what we eat as I always forget but on this occasion the camera was in the kitchen so I thought I would take a few pictures. 

I've had an open pack of Quinoa in the cupboard for a while and as I had half a bag of Kale left in the fridge I thought I'd do a stirfry. I used a third of a bag so 70p ish. I cooked it as I do my rice by adding water and bunging it in the microwave.

Diced onion and a drizzle of olive oil .... onions were allotment grown and the oil a couple of pence.

Some left over mushrooms, these were 20p yellow sticker mushrooms .........10p as half a tub was used.

Kale was a yellow sticker bargain at 10p.......5p for the half a bag

When the onions were half cooked I chucked in the kale and mushrooms.

When the Kale and mushrooms were cooked I chucked in some frozen peas and sweetcorn.....guestimate of 10p worth.

Ta dahhh, yes I know I'm using the football bowl again as all the other bowls I have are black and make everything look dark in the pictures.

A meal for three for under around a pound. Bargain.

This was a cheap, tasty and extremely healthy meal which took minutes to cook and great for using any kinds of leftovers. I'm trying to use Quinoa in more recipes so please let me know what you use it for.