Friday, 1 August 2014

Cheap thank you gift and What's on Weekend 2nd 3rd August Lincoln

Today I thought I'd pop round a thank you gift for the greenhouse we were given. We always like to say thank you even if it's a small token just so people know we do appreciate them. We say thanks with eggs or jam and sometimes a bag of veg from the allotment but what do you give someone who has chickens and an allotment of their very own?

The other day i bought two vintage Cadbury mugs as I thought they were quite interesting, they cost 25p each so I didn't mind storing them until I decided what to do with them. Then I thought they would make a good token gift.

I always have a roll of cellophane as it's come in handy so many times. So you got me, I pinched the idea of the local chazza who put's things in baskets, celophanes them up and sticks them in the raffle.........I have no shame ;)
I have done Christmas hampers and Birthday presents and numerous other gifts all wrapped up to make them look that little bit special.

A Cadbury cup needed chocolate though didn't it? This pack was on offer for £1

Twizzle ribbon (no idea what it's real name is) bought from a jumble for 5p a roll.

They are cat lovers so they got a blank card from the card stash drawer, I think a whole pack cost 20p 

Ta dahhh who doesn't love chocolate and if they don't like it I'll certainly have it back.

Allotment news

I have a whole bowl of redcurrants..........any suggestions???

My first Cucumber, we will be having this baby in a sarnie because we are that posh! For those reading from outside the UK  a sarnie is a sandwich and cucumber sandwiches were considered posh, although I don't know why as they're as cheap as chips.

Cucumber sandwiches were a favourite with the Victorian upper class and formed an integral part of afternoon tea don't you know.........check me out with my history lesson Cynthia.

What's on weekend

I'm going to continue with my What's on Weekend and please feel free to add any events. Mrs Anon if your reading is it this week or next week Sleaford carboot is on please?

Apparently there is a street carnival running on Saturday around St Marks shopping centre.

The ultimate Rock School Summerfest at the Village green Hykeham.
Saturday 2pm -5pm

Coffee morning
Cakes, bric a brac and other things Swallobeck Methodist Church on Newark road.
Saturday 10-11.30 am
Proceeds to the Nomad trust

Jumble sale 
Saturday 2nd August
Dunholme Village hall
For childline and the Shoebox appeal.


Coleby playing field carboot
Sunday 3rd August
7.30am onwards

Torksey Carboot 12pm Saturday
Hemswell Sunday

I only add extremely cheap or free what's on news and in addition to the weekend listing here is the list for the NK outreach activity days over the holiday.
There is a mobile climbing wall and other activities, they will be in

The Venue Navenby August 4th 11am-3pm
Ruskington Village Hall playing field August 8th 11am - 3pm
Queens way playing field Potterhanworth August 15th 11am-3pm
RAF Digby August 22nd 11am - 3pm

These are free to attend for children of all ages but children under 8 will have to have an adult with them. Our youngest two go when it's on in our village and they're gone all day, we send them with a drink and they may or may not come back for lunch.

Well I'm going to go to the Jumble, after all it is my favourite thing to do. Sunday I'm hoping to do a carboot at Coleby. What are your plans for the weekend?

What ever your doing have a great day and if you fancy going to the Jumble come over and say hi as I love a good natter in the queue.

PiC x

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cheap cheese and the garden fairy.

Last night we managed to get this haul of cheese for 15p a packet. 10 packets for £1.50, what a bargain! Hubby spotted it lying in the fridge at Tesco so with the speed of a punctured unicycle he emptied the fridge into the basket.  He did leave some for others.

We also got some mark down bread to put it in ;) The cheese will be frozen and this will save us a fortune as cheese is so expensive now.

Garden News

While I was away playing with the Tigers yesterday the garden fairy was very busy putting in more shelving into the old greenhouse (The newly acquired greenhouse has another purpose) The racking came with the recently aquired other purpose greenhouse so it was totally free (my favourite price) It only just fitted and apparently there were a few swear words from the fairy! 

Don't tell hubby I called him a fairy will you?

Hubby also found this dumped at the side of a road with a wheel missing, he was going to weigh it in but I thought I could use it as a mini outside green house and get some plastic to cover it.

After reading This on Kev's An English Homestead blog (blazenly stolen Kev but I did say I was going to steal your idea) I was inspired to have some fence guttering of my very own. This year the slugs had most of my strawberries and what the slugs didn't get were rotten. Next year I plan on planting them here.

As you can see the fair has been busy again...........shhhhhh

It's almost a chameleon guttering isn't it? thankfully we only had black brackets or we wouldn't see them.

Thanks Kev for the inspiration 

Allotment news

It has been cooler here today with a slight breeze so I have been down the lottie. Things get out of control so quickly down there. I've made a start by spending three hours burning the hedge DH cut down a few weeks ago. I do look like I've been self harming from top to toe and I'm using this blogging time for a well earned sit down. 

My £1 wind up radio I bought Here is fantastic. It lasted all morning with very little wind up and I had to laugh when this came out the radio

I just needed to change my name to St Elmo!

Has it cooled down enough near you to get back to the garden? Or was you braving the heat?

PiC x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The oldest Tiger and the only white wolves in the Uk at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

Today I managed a day out with all but one of the kids. Tom wanted to stay at home and ride his Birthday bike so Terri, Jess, Cameron, Oliver and I went to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.and Mr PiC stayed at home.

I last went here over 10 years ago when Cameron was only little and had a great day out watching all the birds of prey, animals and especially the pig racing. Sadly they no longer have the pig racing but they do have Wolves.

These are the only white wolves in the Uk

They are stunning aren't they?

Unlike some Zoos I've been to, where the Wolves hide away, these are not bothered about people in the slightest and infact every time we went past they were near the fence.

We went back a few times in between the shows.

Here is Tango. Do you remember the Esso advert?

Showing my age lol

Tango was the star, after his famous film role he went to a circus and now he has come to retire at  Woodside. Friday next week he will be 19 years old


The keepers said he was kept in such a small cage at the Circus it took him weeks to settle in and took him a while to venure out of his enclosure as he had never seen grass.

Finally a lovely home with his own pond to lay in when the weather is too warm.

He does look an old fella doesn't he?

Here is was in his prime

Jess was fearless and went in with the Tigers.

Tango has a young female friend called Julia so he really has landed on his feet hasn't he?

Julia getting fed. 

The park is not a huge place but they have shows on every hour. 

The falconry display is funny and informative and the handlers are really enthusiastic and make the show. You can really tell they love all the animals.

Feeding the lemurs was at 11am and 4pm. They also have feed the cats (the Tigers and the Lynx) and feed the Wolves.

We don't know what this Horse was called so we nicknamed him "Piles" as he kept rubbing his bum up and down on the bar while we watched the Tigers.

There's a butterfly enclosure and inside is a bat cave. 

You can walk into a bat cave which is pitch black and this little fella showed up on my flash. The squeals were amusing when they flew over the little ones heads.

Big brave Oliver

This was the parking attendant, I think he's the nicest I've ever met!

I told them not to give my address to this fella as I already have too many kids!

I have not been paid or asked to write a review for Woodside, it is a firm favourite of mine and has been for years. It is near to where I live and a lovely day out with friendly and helpful staff.

I paid £26 for two adults and two childrens tickets as we had a voucher for Jess. There are plenty of benches to eat a packed lunch and the car park is close by so it's easy to fetch your lunch without having to carry it round with you all day.

I would recommend you watch the shows as the people really make the place, their enthusiasm is contagious and it goes without saying we would of happily taken a Tiger and a Wolf home.

There are a lot of animals here and I have only shown a few, the fox was a cheeky chappy but don't tell my Chooks I've been fraternising with the enemy.

I've had a fabulous day and so have my kids, my eldest being 26 and my Granddaughter who is the youngest at 8 so it really is fun for the whole family.

Here is the link for the park and they are having Birthday celebrations for Tango next week, Friday 8th August.

Thank you Woodside we will be back!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Making Money Monday ............. a day late and Dink's new doorbell.

Firstly I'd like to apologies for the non post yesterday, we had a much needed afternoon off and went to a neighbours for a few drinks. Two largers and I'm ready for bed, you know what they say if your not living life on the edge your taking up too much room ;)

Last week we got side tracked on getting to the scrap yard and ended up going Tuesday instead. I know I said I would update our total of "trip money saving" on Mondays but how often do I go out for a beer?

I decided to open an account at my local Credit Union as this is convenient to me. Our nearest "drop off shop" for parcels is on the High Street in town and opposite is the Credit Union shop. This is handy as my sales on Ebay will be dropped off and the money I make can go straight into this account without the temptation to spend any.

The're are several accounts where I could gain more interest BUT under £1000 deposit there isn't really anything paying better interest.

The reasons I went to the Credit Union.

Convenient,  as it's across the road from the drop shop where I go anyway.

They are like an old fashioned bank, I have a paying in book and there is a real person who is not behind glass, who I can hear what they are saying and do not have to lip read as the microphone isn't working or so distorted it pierces your eardrums.

There are no call centres abroad, apart from volunteers you see the same people every time you go in.

There are no in your face take a loan out pictures or any other get in debt quick schemes being advertised.

You have to give them notice to take your money out. This suits me as we are saving for a purpose and I can't "accidentally" draw out too much money.

They help the community, they also have volunteers which gives them experience to go into the workplace.

Here is the link for my local CU

So after all our Ebaying, Facebook sales, weighing in scrap and DH taking a trailer of rubbish to the tip for someone for half the price of a skip, the grand total for the boys trip money next year is.............


This hasn't been painful so far it just required a bit of time. 

I've also been sorting through some stuff for Ebaying and carbooting so I will update on that soon.

Animal news

Dinks seems to be in the headlines a lot this past week which means the builders must be in his old haunt on the St Johns Hospital grounds. As we are still in the middle of sorting out Chooksville things are a flaming mess little in the air at the moment but this is working to Dink's advantage....

"Look Mum you left this old coop in the front garden now I don't need to go all the way round the back,

I can just pop my head up and this makes the dogs much better than that door bell thingy

So much more befitting of my catness this front entrance, but what no fanfare?

Must reward the dog for her services".

Shifty thrifty fatty news

Still a non mover at 10st 6lb

After all the dental work I have eaten anything I could manage to eat and (without being too informative) the decorators have been visiting every three weeks so I'm a little run down, truth be told.

Yesterdays larger wouldn't have helped much either!

Allotment news

These are my first lot of Glads from the lottie, hopefully the animals won't knock them over.

PiC x