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Thursday, 26 February 2015

£5 off Aldi shop Thursday 26th February

Just a quick reminder for all you Aldi shoppers out there.

I'll be back

PiC x

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Raising money by having a coffee morning.

As a lot of you know we foster cats for Lincoln Cat Care. We have over one hundred cats that are fostered into peoples homes or cat pens in peoples gardens as there is no rescue center.

For a snoop round the pens in our garden look here

The food and vet bills for these animals is a huge amount and there are many families struggling with vet bills and neutering who have been helped by the charity over the years and this costs money, lots of money and money that most of us haven't got.

We have a lot of people who help out to raise funds from working in the charity shop to helping out at Jumble sales but I want to tell you about a wonderful lady called Wendy who raises money in a lovely way.

Every so often Wendy holds a coffee morning for friends and neighbours and she charges 50p for a coffee and biscuit. There are also a large range of second hand books for sale which are left over from the Jumbles that no one buys. I think this is a marvelous idea as people can't always get to a Charity shop, Jumble or Carboot and who can make head or tales of Library opening times especially for those who work full time but they can nip to the neighbours and pop a few pence in a pot for a good cause and an armful of books.

Wendy also has a friend who makes the most beautiful, hand made cards and one who makes jewelry so there are also a range of things to buy and are far cheaper than any shop. 

I had the pleasure of going to Wendy coffee morning last Saturday and met a bunch of new friends, had a good giggle and even a flutter on Rozzies Raffle. 

All the money that is raised is spent on cat food for the charity and it warms my cockles to think of how one person can make such a difference with a kind heart and a jar of coffee.

So Wendy my lovely, you are a star and such an inspiration, thank you x

PiC x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cheap dog food

I think I mentioned yesterday about finding a cheaper dog biscuit so I thought I'd take a picture of my new found bargain to show you what I'm on about. We used to buy the Earls sacks from Aldi at £6.99 but they are selling this working dog variety at £5.79 as it's VAT free.

Technically we have a rescue WORKING Collie, a rescue WORKING Beagle and as for the Westie poo and GSD they just work at driving me nuts! in the cute adorable way of course.

The review is that all four dogs like it. They have had no upset stomachs or any noticeable problems and eat about the same amount as they did of the previous variety they had. So all in all it's paws up from us but obviously you know your dog and if they have any problems with food you may not wish to change for the sake of a few pence over £1. To us it makes a difference especially when they do their money off voucher at the end of the month as we stock up for an even bigger saving.

We also have the tinned dog food for a bit of flavour and any meat scraps from our meals (not mine I'm Veggie). They also like scrambled egg which is handy having the chooks but we don't give them any junk like crisps etc.

I know my porch is filthy with mud for you beaky eyed ones out there ;)

Do you stick to a particular brand or do you go for what's on offer?

PiC x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ID'd for a hash brown? a catch up with friends and how to waste 6 million quid

So what have we been up to?

Mortgage repayments

We are literally on the bones of our butts as we've made the decision to overpay the Mortgage by £300 a month, this means we will be free from the Devils clutches in two years. This is two years of no frills, no fancy pants anything and by fancy I mean anything that's not essential.

 As with most of you thrifty lot out there we don't live for payday, it's not an excuse to spend because we've been paid as every day is a spend as little as possible day. We have decided that the only exceptions to this rule will be for anything that will improve our health such as an occasional trip to the Chiropractor or my yearly gym membership.

£300 is a huge amount and I don't know if we can keep it up as January was really tough, I remember walking into Aldi and panicking as they didn't have the value porridge we have every morning but found they have started doing a Working dog tax free dog biscuit which works out quite a lot cheaper for us having four pooches. Don't worry about the porridge we found some value at T's for the same price ;)

Neighbour wars

For all those of you who have been following the neighbour wars saga I thought I'd give you and update. As you  know our lovely neighbours try to intimidate us by driving towards us while we are on the shared access, they then decided to report us for having cameras facing towards the drive. We had a visit from from two PCSO's who decided to take it upon themselves to tell us where our boundry lines were and where our cameras can point. As I have several friends who are Policemen who informed us this is not correct, DH asked them to leave and I rang and asked for our local SGT to pop round for a chat.

He apologised for the PCSOs giving us the wrong information and there are no restrictions on where we place our cameras as long as we are not looking directly into peoples windows or doors, which we are not. Even if we were it would be a civil matter. He also said that the PCSO was offended because we asked to speak to a "Real Copper" who knows the law and didn't pluck wrong, useless information out of the air. I am bemused at him being so offended as I'm sure they would have training for how to handle being called far worse...........especially on a drunken filled town centre at the weekend I'm sure he will be called far worse, IMO if that was offensive is he really in the right line of work?

I would like to point out that DH has a brother who installs cameras for the Police so we are quite aware of the law, thanks muchly.

After we explained how we are daily and sometime several times a day blocked in by our lovely neighbours, been shouted at in our own home and constantly harassed over our gate even though we have said we want no contact with them the Sarg took pity on us. We explained that we had informed the Landlady several months ago about their behaviour and she was going to have a word with them but still they had not changed their ways. I also told him that I had rang their Landlady to tell them they were escalating their behaviour by driving towards us while on the drive and now she is not accepting any calls.

The lovely SGT explained this is what happens with nasty neighbours, if they don't get a response they push further and further like a naughty child just to get a response. As there are three neighbours affected by this one house and the fact the previous two tenants of this house have been fine only proves it is the appauling behaviour of this particular family. The Women even told one elderly Gent across the road my Husband had been shouting and threatening her even though he had not even spoken to her in months but of course who wouldn't believe an elderly Widow in need?

So now everything is logged with the Police which I find a total waste of Police man hours. Over an hour the SGT was here talking to us when he could have been dealing with a serious crime not some petty family with nothing else to do but upset everyone in the street.

The Police have now informed the Landlady that she will have to make amends to their contract and any further intimidation by them and she will have to ask them to move. I've said all along I wouldn't want to see anyone homeless, especially a Widow but I don't want blocking in or being driven at everyday either!! So we will see if reporting us (and not getting anywhere) and having it backfiring onto themselves will do any good. I don't think this will be the end of it though as she has now taken to driving over the other neighbours gardens as it's easier to get of her drive that way ......... has anyone seen Mr Magoo ?

January the sicky month

January was a really long month and we have spent most of it sick or laid up with bad backs, luckily not both at the same time or things could have been quite drastic. For those of you who have a long term illness you know it can be a hard old battle just to keep your chin up and a smile on your face and that's pretty much how it's been here in Prada Hills. How do you lot keep your chin up? and please don't say Maltesers as I seem to have aquired quite a problem with them (namely falling into my mouth by themselves)

Other news

I've managed to catch up with a few friends the last couple of days which has been great and really lifted my spirits. 

One of our boys came home from school and was told you had to show ID for certain foods in the canteen such as hashbrowns, apparently you have to be 16 and above to buy these now????????? This was confirmed by one of my friends who's DD went to a certain fast food chain and had to show ID for certain foods but they have to be over 18!!!

The world has gone mad I tell you, this in the age of legal highs and not enough Police to stop a riot in a playground.

 Talking of Police, how much have they spent camped outside the Embassy of Equador waiting for Julian Assange?? ..........6 Million if the papers are to be believed

I don't think I've missed much being under the duvet but I've missed you all so I'm going to be doing catch up on my blog rounds.

PiC x