Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fencing before and after.........Yes I'm still painting! and the start of Chooksville

This is another corner that needs sorting. The plants need sorting as well as DH has his eyes on the space to put a trailer on. The fence was really tatty and it hasn't been helped by being the shortest cat route to the food bowl.

The front gates have had it really and if I filled the rot we would have gates made of wood filler so I thought I would give them a coat and hope they last another couple of years. Fingers crossed.

Another cat route

Guess what this is.........

Ta dahhhh doesn't that look better?

I still have plans for this side of the fence but I'm waiting until DHs list is a little shorter than it is now ;)

All ready for some plants.

Maybe they will hang on a while longer

Luckily no cats jumped up while I was painting this time.

At least they look a bit better

DH working on the Chooksville project

Very serious work...........he's not even admired my painting .....pfffft

even the shed, this is Carries fault as she guilted me into it by showing pictures of her lovely painted shed yesterday!

And of course I have more on myself than on the fence, is anyone else as mucky as me when painting? I have a face full of brown spots AKA fencepaintingitas, an extreme case, so extreme it could take years before I go near fence paint again, if ever!

Damn we have a back garden grrrrrrr

Thrift shifty fatty weigh in day news

Yes I haven't forgotten, no change, not a bit but I have been on icecream, yogurt and rice pudding as my wisdom tooth is still playing up, couple that with the back pain tablets and I'm lucky to still be the same and not more. Must try flaming harder!

Making money news

DH managed to get to the scrap yard and another £50 to put in the fund, I will add it to next Mondays total.

PiC x

Monday, 21 July 2014

Making money Monday and saving money too

Last night was so hot I thought we'd sit and watch our free Netflix for a month TV. As you can see we get no chance to watch anything in this house as Dinks (AKA Hitler) decided it was really comfy, right there in that very spot.

Car news

I was going to do so much today but when we got back from walking the dogs DH noticed I had a flat back tyre. After closer inspection he found a nail so we had to make a dash to DHs friend the Mechanic to get it fixed. The plus side is the garage is nearly next to a chazzer and I picked up a le Parfit jar for £1..........every cloud as the saying goes lol 

Making money news

As you know we're on a drive to save some money up for the boys school trips next year and so far we have £253.50 in the kitty and I made £25 after fees on Ebay last night so now we have 

£278.50 for the trip fund

DH has had a long term lending of the trailer to the left if he fixes the electrics on it. DH says it's an easy job and that it makes an ideal storage area while sorting out stuff for the car boot, this means I can go through the house sorting out and just put it in the trailer ready for when we go booting.

The other money making news would have been the scrap DH took to the scrap yard for weigh in as his bin is full again but because of the flat tyre incident and him having a Doctors appointment he hasn't been able to go. Oh well, we may have more to take next week.

Do you ever get that feeling of being watched?

Saving Money News

We always try to take care of the house as regular  maintenance helps keep repair bills to a minimum. I hate painting fences, I truly do but I know that if I keep on top of the upkeep the fence will last longer. We have a few repairs to do on a fence we thought was our neigbours but on getting out the deeds we found it was ours so we can get it sorted now. I'm going round painting the good fencing and thought I would start with this as the corner is very scrappy and I have plans a foot to brighten it up.  

It has been too hot to do much at all hasn't it? What have you been up to in this heat?

PiC x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Woodhall Spa 40's weekend in pictures part 2

Oooops .........how did this get here?

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I love the way the whole village throws themselves into the spirit of the weekend. Most of the shops are dressed up and most of the residents go about their everyday comings and goings dressed up.

If you fancy going I would say 50% of people dress up so don't be afraid to go in fancy dress.

The stalls are in the local campsite so a lot of people camp for the whole weekend and there is a really good spirit to the campsite.

Thank you Woodhall Spa

PiC x